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Premarital and Relationship Counseling

For couples who are engaged, making a long-term commitment, or are newly-wed, I offer a three session Premarital Counseling Package that is aimed at assessing strengths of the couple and areas to develop new skills and patterns as you begin a new phase of your relationship.

Below is a brief overview of the three sessions included in this package.

Session 1:

In this session we will cover the history or your relationship and establish what your areas of strength are and what areas you would like to grow or work on in your relationship.

Session 2:

In this session I will provide you with some information about how to build and maintain a successful relationship. I will share with you information about different relationship styles, communication patterns, and behaviors that can be detrimental in a relationship.

Session 3:

This session is focused on building skills to help you address the areas of growth we identified for your relationship. I will give you very specific tools aimed to help you:


  • build new patterns of communicating
  • argue in more productive ways
  • talk about difficult topics (such as money, sex, building a family)
  • learn how to repair and stay connected during arguments


If you are interested in Premarital Counseling and would like more information I encourage you to contact me directly and I can answer any questions you may have.


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