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Many people have questions about how therapy can help them. Here are a few questions I frequently get asked by clients that might be helpful for you as you consider therapy.

How does therapy work?

I believe the main goal of therapy is to develop new patterns of action, thought, and feeling. Communication between client and therapist is essential to reaching that goal. I will encourage you to ask me questions and to express your concerns and feelings as openly as possible. I will respect that the information you share with me is private. The quality of the professional, working relationship we develop together, persistence and patience are all key factors that contribute to successful psychotherapy.

Will therapy help?

Most people benefit from psychotherapy and I believe these benefits are amplified when such therapy is conducted in a constructive manner. The most common benefits include improvements in self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, hope, feeling understood, relationships with other people, emotional expressiveness, and taking an active and responsible role in one’s life. There can also be risks associated with being in psychotherapy. You may already be in the midst of stressful changes or challenges in your life. Periods of change are often stressful and they can also be stormy. You may experience a range of emotions and changes in your relationship with yourself and others. My role is to help you cope with these challenges in ways that serve your well-being and that of the people in your life.

How long will it take?

The length of our work together will depend on your personal goals, your energy, our abilities to communicate with one another, the challenges you face, and the unfolding events in your immediate future. I recommend that we meet weekly to stay on task with your goals but we can discuss and arrange to meet more periodically. As our work progresses I may ask that we review and jointly evaluate what we have done together in order to assure we are on track with your goals and needs.

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