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Anxiety and Stress Reduction Workshop


Do you frequently feel stressed or anxious?

Do you find yourself worrying about things too much?

Do anxious thoughts keep you up at night?


This workshop will help you to better understand your stress and anxiety and help you to see how your mental state effects your body. You’ll learn techniques to help you relax and manage your anxiety more effectively.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • Where stress and anxiety comes from and how it impacts our bodies

  • How chronic stress can impact your health

  • Techniques for how to manage anxiety including shifting negative thought processes and developing relaxation practices for daily life


This is a 4 session workshop. Participants are asked to commit to attending all 4 sessions. Each session is an hour long. Workshop series start at the beginning of each month and are offered on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings.


To learn more about the workshop or to register for the upcoming series, please contact me via email ( or phone (415-742-2093).

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